2019-2020 Graduate Catalog

School of Nursing — Master of Science in Nursing

Mission and Purposes

Within the environment of a small, independent, liberal arts institution and strengthened by a commitment to Judeo-Christian values, the mission of the School of Nursing is to educate nurses to assume by choice and preparation a professional nursing role in an ever changing society and health care system. The division is committed to: A. delivering high quality and innovative educational programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; B. fostering the development of intelligent, creative problem solving that promotes the health of a diverse society; C. developing a commitment to continuous lifelong learning and to a system of values which insures professionalism and personal integrity in practice; and D. the provision of service to the community.

The purposes of the master's nursing program are:

  1. To prepare nurses for advanced nursing practice in adult or family health as nurse practitioners;
  2. To provide a foundation for doctoral study.

To achieve these purposes Mount Saint Mary College offers two master's programs in advanced practice nursing: a nurse practitioner program in adult health (ANP) and one in family health (FNP). All students take an advanced practice nursing core of 15 credits. Students in the Adult Gerontology major take 31 credits in their major, including 500-600 hours of precepted clinical practice. Students in the Family Nurse Practitioner major take 34 credits in this major, including 600-700 hours of precepted clinical practice. Upon successful completion of all course requirements, the college awards the master of science degree with a major in adult or family health. Completion of the program allows graduates to sit for national certification exams in adult or family health.

Degree Completion

Based on the most recent data, 90% of students typically complete the Master of Science in nursing degree within four years of entrance. Responses to a survey administered six months after graduation reported that 100% of the respondents who received a Master of Science in nursing degree were employed full time.